Packing Party

This week has been incredibly busy. It was deceptively busy. Since September, students and church members have been donating all kinds of things to fill shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. There was a lot. I was tasked with organizing the donated items for what we called "Packing Parties." I drastically underestimated how long this … Continue reading Packing Party


We take a lot of things for granted, a lot of things. Like literacy. There was once a time when it wasn't the norm for people to be able to read. Monday, I thought I was starting to get a cold. On Tuesday, I knew I had a cold. I had a problem though. I … Continue reading Sick

The Train

This week, I want to tell you a story about the train. There are some people who I don't think would do well on public transport. There are people I know who just love their cars and personal space. While I love driving, there's something about the train that I find really relaxing. I take … Continue reading The Train

A Quick Update!

I apologize for just a quick update this week! I have been INCREDIBLY BUSY! I have an apartment now (pictures coming soon) and I spoke at church on Sunday about our decision to follow God. Bible classes are going well! It feels good to be back with the Let's Start Talking books again! After church … Continue reading A Quick Update!