February 20, 2018

Just a quick update this week. Time seems to be going by very quickly as I am very busy these days.

This week some of the ladies who regularly visit our church came and taught a tea ceremony class. It was very interesting. I think tea ceremony is a little bit like Japanese society as a whole. There are many subtleties. There are many actions that have meaning, though not fully understood by an outsider looking in. Of course, there is also a whole list of etiquette and rules to follow.

Both women have studied tea ceremony for many years and are very passionate about it. I was very thankful they were willing to share their experience.

This week, we will be having a movie night here at Logos, which I am excited about. We’re going to be watching Yojimbo. It’s an old Akira Kurosawa movie. Kurosawa was an incredibly influential director not just in Japan, but all over the world. Many people haven’t heard of him, but his movies actually influenced many westerns from the 70’s and even Star Wars.

I continue to have Bible studies regularly. Please continue to pray for the work here in Kojima.

Also, please pray for the LST team that is preparing to come here from my school, UTC!


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