February 13, 2018

Today, some of the older students from Logos took me out to lunch. Logos has students ranging all the way from 3 to 85. So, when I say older, I don’t mean teenagers. I always enjoy talking to them about their experiences.

We understand how dynamic change is. Ever since the industrial revolution human technology has been growing by leaps and bounds. Since the invention of the computer, things have changed even more dramatically. Eleven years ago the iPhone came out and changed the way we communicate with one another. Things continue to change.

This change is part of the reason I love talking with older Japanese people. If you look at Japanese history, so much has changed in Japan over the past 200 years. Japan went from a relatively unimportant backwater country to a fully industrialized world power in the span of about 60 years. After WWII, Japan went from utter poverty to one of the most technologically advanced nations on earth in about 40 years. Today, one of the students I was at lunch with, said when he was a young boy his family could afford to eat chicken twice a year. I’ve heard stories from other people about the so-called “boom years” of the 1980’s when some people were spending thousands of dollars for a night in Tokyo. Such a dramatic change is fascinating to me.

This ties in with something else I’ve been thinking about this week. For all the flack we get, I’m glad I’m a millennial. We’re living at an exciting time in human history. So many things are changing. We have access to more information than we ever have before. Perhaps this brings out the worst in some, but it can also help us learn about the world and about each other. I don’t have to send letters to my parents and friends as the only way of communication. I can contact them in an instant rather than in weeks. A trip home takes a day, a very long day, but a day nonetheless.

So, how does all this relate?

I’ve also been considering this, as things change, how do we continue to live Christian lives and spread the gospel? How do we also make sure everyone is included in this and not just certain demographics? This is a challenge I am interested to see how we face.

I don’t have answers to this, I’m just kind of sharing my thoughts here. I think part of the answer is living differently.

Throughout the Bible, God calls his people to live differently. No matter how things change, that’s what we as Christians ought to do. It’s interesting to me just how little these things can be too. Maybe it’s not saying nasty things on Facebook. Maybe it’s putting our phones down and actually taking the time to get to know people. Sometimes, maybe it’s just being polite. Like I said, these are just the things I’ve been thinking about this week. I’d like to flesh out my thoughts. But, maybe this will give you something to think about as well. If you have any opinions, let me know!

One thing I am glad about is there is room for all of us in God’s kingdom.

As far as things here go, I’m puppysitting while Sandy is away. This week we’re also having a tea ceremony class at the Fureai House. Tea ceremony is a huge part of Japanese culture and takes many years to master. There are many different rules of etiquette you are supposed to follow, which we will be learning on Friday! We hope it is a good way for us to meet new people and to reach out to the community!

Next Saturday we will be also having a movie night at the Fureai House as another way to reach out.

Please pray these events go well and that we are able to connect with people in the community! Please also pray for Sandy as well as us while Sandy is gone!


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