January 23, 2018

Hello everyone. Here is a quick update from Kojima.

Last weekend was Brent’s memorial service. Over 150 people attended. Some people came all the way from northern Japan to be there. A preacher from Tokyo came down to speak. All of us here think it was good for the people of Kojima to have one last reminder of who Brent was and what he stood for.

I have had several talks with people who are curious to learn more about Christianity simply because Brent meant so much for them. Please pray for these people and that their hearts will be moved.

The first time I came to Japan I came through an organization called “Let’s Start Talking.” It was a great way to get to know Japan and understand that mission work was something I really wanted to do long term. I am excited to announce that this year a team will be coming from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, where I went to school, to work with us this summer.

While I am nervous, as I’ve never worked on this side of an LST project, I’m very excited for the team that’s coming. I’ll be posting updates about our preparations, and of course updates once the team arrives.

It’s getting colder here in Kojima lately. I’m told very often that Okayama prefecture has great weather. Apparently the rest of Japan is having a lot of snow right now. Although, I wouldn’t mind seeing some.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.


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