Packing Party

This week has been incredibly busy. It was deceptively busy. Since September, students and church members have been donating all kinds of things to fill shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. There was a lot. I was tasked with organizing the donated items for what we called “Packing Parties.” I drastically underestimated how long this would take me.

On Saturday though, I had finished and was ready for our first Packing Party. Saturday night we packed shoe boxes for girls. Sunday night we packed for boys. Tomorrow, a shipping company will come and take the boxes to Sendai, where they will be loaded up and taken to the Philippines.

I was blown away by the things people gave and how so many people were so willing to help.


Here’s a picture from the first night of the packing party.

In the end, we had 104 shoe boxes.

I have some ideas floating around I think I could use at the Fureai House, especially with Christmas coming up!

Wow… Christmas is less than two months away. How did that happen?


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