Fureai House Grand Opening!

The Fureai House Grand Opening was this weekend, and typhoon didn’t keep people away. We had 28 people come for games and food on Saturday. I also had another person decide they wanted to start doing LST Bible classes with me. Both students from Logos English School and neighbors from around the school and church came. Overall, I think the event was a success. While not all of them came, many neighbors have stopped by and expressed interest in what we’re doing here. Apparently, this used to be a pretty vibrant part of town, although not so much anymore. Despite them not being Christians, many neighbors have told us we’re doing good work, and hope that the Fureai House might bring some liveliness back into our neighborhood.

Please pray that the Fureai House and the church will be a light to Kojima, and that others will be drawn to that light.

Here are some pictures from this weekend:


Here is a shot of Logos English School/Fureai House/Kojima church of Christ from the street.

As a side note, Fureai is hard to translate, but it means something close to “Friendly Welcome” in English.

Also, our website is a work in progress…


I really love this picture. The guy in the middle is supposed to be me. Credit for the AWESOME chalk drawings behind me goes to Eiko. Eiko is Ken’s wife, one of our English teachers here at Logos. She is Japanese and also really, really good at drawing. Ken actually built and painted the chalk board wall himself!


2 thoughts on “Fureai House Grand Opening!

    1. Thank you! Fureai is hard to translate exactly, but it means something close to “Friendly Welcome.” We originally were just going to call it “Welcome House” but the Christians here suggested Fureai instead.


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