We take a lot of things for granted, a lot of things. Like literacy. There was once a time when it wasn’t the norm for people to be able to read.

Monday, I thought I was starting to get a cold. On Tuesday, I knew I had a cold. I had a problem though. I couldn’t just go to the store and grab some cold medicine. I couldn’t understand what kind of medicines I was looking at. It’s hard enough finding men’s deodorant, medicine would be a nearly impossible task.

I was lucky to have a Japanese friend who could go to the pharmacy with me and help me.

I am often very humbled at how patient people are with foreigners here. People are usually very willing to help. They’ll try to listen closely to you broken Japanese and point you in the right direction. I’m very thankful for that.

Anyway, I apologize for putting this week’s post up late. Next week I should be back on track. I am feeling much better today. My spare energy has been spent preparing for the Fureai House Grand Opening on Saturday.

Please pray that this event goes well. There may be another typhoon this weekend. If the weather get bad, people may not want to come out.

No matter what, I know we’re going to do good things here.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.


Obligatory picture of me in a face mask. Out of courtesy to others, you’re supposed to wear one when you’re sick in Japan. They sell them everywhere. I bought this one at the 7/11 just down the road from my apartment.  This week, I wore one to all my Bible classes. I do not advise one if you have a beard. It can be very uncomfortable.


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