I Have Arrived

Hello Everyone!

This is the first of what will be my weekly blogs now that I HAVE ARRIVED IN JAPAN!

While it was a very long trip, it was relatively stress-free. I was able to sleep on the plane and because of that have luckily had almost no jet lag. It was good to see Brent, Sandy, and Ashley again as well as meet the new English teacher at Logos named Ken as well as his wife Eiko.

My first few days have been focused mostly on settling in. With help from Eiko, I registered for health insurance and ordered what is called a “hanko.” This is a special kind of seal that functions essentially as a signature here in Japan. It is needed before I can open a bank account or rent an apartment. Hopefully, my hanko will arrive this week.

Yesterday was rather chaotic as Kojima braced for a typhoon. No one really knew what to expect. Several notifications came on the phone as the government warned people in low lying areas to evacuate. Trucks drove around urging those in low lying areas or the elderly to go to a designated shelter. Luckily, Kojima was not hit by the worst of the storm, though there was heavy rain, wind, thunder, and lightning through most of the night. Because of this, only the English teachers who live very close to Logos were able to get together for worship. It only seemed appropriate that one of the songs we sang was, “Master, the Tempest is Raging.” Please pray for those who were effected by the storms.

I am excited about the work we are preparing to do. This week we will get together members of the church and students from Logos to assist with Operation Christmas Child. Many shoe boxes and donated items have been gathered for the event. Pray for us to make good connections with the Logos students who attend the event.

Thank you for everyone who has supported, encouraged, and prayed for me. I am very excited to be back in Japan doing the work I have wanted to do for so long. Please pray that myself and everyone here can be effective in spreading the gospel.

Be looking for these blog posts regularly on Mondays.

In Christ,


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